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About us

Our goals

A protestant, diaconal organization, Marhaban aims to develop social links, within the context of immigration, by its sharing, solidarity and unconditional welcome.

We welcome each person by offering them the necessary conditions to be able to learn, get informed, be listened to and integrate into society. To achieve these goals, our activities aim to develop social and linguistic skills.

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Our main principles


Through service and unconditional welcome


Cross-cultural and inter-religious


Civic commitment

Our values

Les bénévoles

We also have a chaplaincy which is inspired by protestant theology but which does not influence our other activities. In any case our volunteers agree to accept and respect the beliefs of all those who come to Marhaban.

People who come through our doors are welcomed with courtesy and respect ; they find a listening ear and all that is shared is confidential.

Our history

In 1985, the Finnish Lutheran Evangelical Mission responded to an invitation from the French Interior Lutheran Mission. A small group of Finnish people arrived in the « Cité Bellevue », Félix Pyat street. They started to work alongside certain groups already there (ADRIM and AIPI) : homework club, literacy  classes and women’s groups…

In 2003, thanks to these years of experience, the Marhaban centre opened its doors in the area known as Noailles. The idea of forming an official organization was suggested with the help of a team of people from various organizations in Marseille.

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Our Team

  • Mélanie Landes Castagno
    Mélanie Landes Castagno Director
  • Prisca Higuera Cornieles
    Prisca Higuera Cornieles Assistant Director and Teaching Co-Ordinator
  • Myriam Abdalla
    Myriam Abdalla Counsellor


The work of Marhaban rests essentially on the commitment of its volunteers. About fifty volunteers run the various activities and provide the governance of the organisation.


Joins us

Volunteering provides the opportunity to experience solidarity with those around us in a concrete way. You can join us in our mission of unconditional welcome and partnering by coming to serve amongst our teams.